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A6 3.0 or 2.7 Please help

M3ERR Nov 20, 2009

  1. M3ERR

    M3ERR New Member

    Hi all,
    Having come from the dark side (BMW Land) I now have seen the light and I'm in the market for an A6 Avant S-line or Le mans edition. Not sure which engine to go for. Having not driven an A6 yet, can you guy's give me some advice on the matter and advise which one would be the better buy. Are there any problems with either engines (like BMW's 5 series swirl flap issue:banghead:) Are there any problems with the A6 in general?

    Do you have any good advice on what to look for when buying a second hand 2006/7 A6 avant.

    With you're help, I hope to be a fully fledged member of the Audi community soon.

    Many thanks for you're help.


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