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A6 2006 Avant BRE 2.0 Tdi intermittent orange oil pressure light

AUDIQS Sep 11, 2013


    AUDIQS New Member

    :idea: I just bought this car from a dealer who lives 300 miles from me so its a bit hard to get this sorted but need major help n quick ,if any one can .
    BRE 2.0 Tdi dsg auto box

    after the car has warmed up 15 min I be driving maybe up a hill or or after a roundabout yes strange but well lol at about 25-40 mph the orange oil pressure light comes on the dash with animated oil can dripping bleeping away but if I speed up another 10mph it disappeared and then nothing for ages then random come on again then off ,it's as if when it starts is the car struggles a little then it comes on but only when engine temp is at 90°
    I have had new oil and filter and a new pressure sensor done.
    only after that I notised the car throttle response is more alive the car has more get up and go.
    But still the random oil pressure light comes on and off .
    i would ape appreciate any info thank you for reading this fingers crossed I can get this sorted ASAP .

    AUDIQS New Member

    Has any one got any ideas what the fault may be please is there any more sensors to do with the oil maybe ?
  3. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member


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