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A6 2.7T - difference between 230 and 250 bhp versions

hiasakite Aug 24, 2010

  1. hiasakite

    hiasakite New Member

    Dear all,

    First off hello :happy:- recently got myself a C5 2.7T - (230 bhp version), however one question I'm struggling to get to the bottom of, is what the difference is between the 230 and 250 bhp versions of the engine?

    I would expect they are running different maps, however can anyone tell me what physical differences there are between the engines?:unsure:

    I have tentatively started looking at remaps:racer::yum:, and the quoted 'after' figures vary by 20bhp depending on whether you start with the 230 or 250 bhp unit:( which implies that the difference in the base engines is not just the map, but there is other (eg physical) difference also:confused:.

    Be grateful if anyone can help clarify this :sm4:

    Many thanks,
  2. Herald

    Herald New Member

    Not sure of the answer to the differences, but some years back I had a 2001 2.7T, listed from the factory as a 230 car. When we put it on a rolling road it was running 250 and I knew the owner who had had it from new and he had never had anything done to it. We then had it remapped and it showed 300 on the rolling road. If the mapping people are only achieving 20 extra from a remap that is poor. That said, if it's auto, be aware of the weaknesses of the box. The box needs remapping at the same time to cap the torque at a safe level.

    One of the reasons that the 250 is so much quicker 0-60 is that Audi altered the transmission ratios (on the auto). So the 230 will reach about 80 in second whereas the 250 is much lower geared and will only just hit 60 which gives a much better time.
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Most rolling roads are over-optimistic when it comes to remapps as the correction factor varries from dyno to dyno ! And the op mentioned 20 bhp difference between the 2 base engines when a remap was carried-out ! 40-50 bhp are easy gains on a twin turbocharged engine...

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