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A6 2.0 Tdi ( 2007 - BRE ) In tank fuel pump location / how to - help needed

JimC64 Jan 30, 2013

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Hi All,
    as some of you may know, I'm being told I may need to replace my in tank fuel pump on my A6 2.0 2007 BRE
    At a cost of £550 or so and the possibililty that it might fix the issue I just can't justify it tbh.

    I'm looking into this further, but in the meantime .......
    If anyone can help with pdf's / diagrams etc of where the pump is located, a "how to" for removal / replacement etc and or any ideas of costs, best places to buy from, that kind of thing, I would really appreciate your input.

    As soon as I can get on the case I'll be doing my own digging, but any / all ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

    I've done some checking on posts / videos etc and found a few that give the general idea, just need to fine tune it a little I guess

    I hope to have some more info just shortly on this......

    At the dealership I spoke with the Audi Mastertech, a really nice guy who I've spoken with loads of times and trust, he's always been really helpful.
    He says he road tested the car ad replicated the fault, then checked the various things he'd expect as no faults were logged on this as I previously stated. He's come up with the tank fuel pump as it seems to be working at around half capacity and in lieu of anything else that would be the recomended starting point.

    A quiet chat with him explaining my reservations about the IMA being the problem at nearly £300 and not fixing the issue, now the fuel pump being recomended at £554 and if that doesn't fix the issue I'll be £900 worse off and no further forward.
    His view on the QT............It can be driven around and avoided, it may be best to let the fault develop and then remedy from there!

    I agreed, but am continuing my research and if I can get one for a resonable price and the DIY is doable, may just go ahead and do it myself.

  2. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Right forum?

    ElsaWeb - Removing and installing fuel delivery unit

    Frankly if a main dealer can't find the fault and has charged you for a repair that didn't work its time to chat with Audi Customer Services. There's a whole procedure for checking fuel delivery and pump function which I bet they haven't done.

    [h=2]Audi UK Customer Service[/h]Telephone: 0800 699 888
    (Open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday 8:30am to 3pm)
  3. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Lol,thanks Typhoon, and yes, right forum...........I visit many.

    Thanks for your help, although the link you posted isn't showing unfortunately.

    I've came across a "how to" of sorts since though. I've also came across a few other owner members who seem to have had similar issues and been advised to change the in tank fuel pump as well.........this does seem to have cured the fault by all accounts.

    Its just a fair old gamble at that price so I want to be sure.

    I'm very familiar with customer servces too as I have had more than a few chats with them in the past, but once again, thanks


  4. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic S-line owners group

    Wrong forum section! Your on the C5 section and you have a later C6 car.

    The elsaweb site has been shutdown, you need to get a copy off ebay search for elsawin.

    Talk with local Audi specialists in your area they may be able to help.
  5. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Hey B5...I know I have the C6 but didn't realise I was in the C5 section.......DUH!

    Sorry buddy and thanks for pointing that out, perhaps one of the mods would be kind enough to move it?


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