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A6 (07) 67K miles 3 years MOT

JimC64 Mar 1, 2010

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Hi All, just put the A6 in today for her first MOT at 3 years and 67k miles.
    As some of you may know, I've had a few problems with her, but to be fair, Audi has stepped up time and again ( with more than a little push here n there of course[​IMG])
    Anyhow, last week I noticed the 2 rear tyres were getting close to borderline and changed them so that there would be no problems there. 2 off 225 50 R17 Continental Contact Sport 2 at £130 each fitted n balanced[​IMG]
    Car went in today and sailed through, as I hoped / expected. I took it to Audi and took advantage of their FREE MOT too..nice one[​IMG]
    There was an advisory for front n/s and o/s anti roll bar bushes that would soon need attention!
    Whle there, I reminded them of the extended 1 years warranty and free roadside assistance offered some time ago due to problems encountered and they put that in motion for me - I have a summary of the warranty and the full details will be in the post in the next few days.
    The car will be going back in next wednesday for ANOTHER set of rear light clusters, due to condensation ( this will be the 8th or possibly 9th set - In all honesty I've lost count!! ) These will be supplied/ fitted under warranty[​IMG]
    There was a slight problem with the front n/s parking sensor which will also be supplied / fitted under warranty at the same time next week!
    While the car is in both anti roll bar bushes will also be supplied and fitted, again, under warranty[​IMG]

    All in all a good day and my baby is in good shape, pretty much. Lookin forward to getting the rest of the work done next week[​IMG]

    Fair play to Audi, or at least the dealership I've been using anyway. They've consistently stepped up to the plate where customer service / satisfaction is concerned[​IMG]
  2. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    Roll bar "C" bushes seem to be a very common fault that Audi pick up on. I took mine in a few weeeks ago, and they also made that comment, i did make a point of saying to them that they replaced them 8 months ago, and to say the guy was a little red in the face!!! This reminds me of the days that Kwik Fit were told to spray WB40 onto Shock Absorbers, and tell the customer that it was leaking........That came from the horses mouth from my Brother in Law who was a reigional manager fro them LOL
  3. A6UYC

    A6UYC milf

    Any chance you could post a picture of your rear light clusters as mine (2nd set) are still misting.
    I paid 50% for the last sets as I am out out warrenty, I will go back next week but would like to see if your are better or worst than mine...
  4. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Hey there, sorry I'm short on time at present, but here is a link to some pics of my previous rear light condensation problem that may help to give you an idea. At the moment its about the same, maybe even a little worse!
    This wil be around the 9th set replaced all under warranty / goodwill by Audi / dealer......I'm not really one for taking no for an answer...lol
    Anythin I can do to help please let me know either by pm or via email


    all the best


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