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A5 Telephone Volume Control

HUEANDCRY71 Feb 3, 2009


    HUEANDCRY71 New Member

    Hi, can anyone advise me as to how i can raise the volume for telephone calls. I am connected via bluetooth and my mobile volume is set to full, my steering wheel volume buttn doesnt seem to make any difference. I have AMI if that makes any difference.

    It was working fine until recently but now i can barely hear the caller whenever i use the phone.

    I cant find anything in the manual to tell me how to do it and i have layed around on the console but still cannot solve the problem.

    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Booster

    Booster Member

    The volume wheel on the steering wheel should increase the volume. Its a trip to the dealer if its not working I'm afraid.

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