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A5/S5 Drivers - How Do Other Road Users Treat You?

TuffLittleUnit Oct 9, 2007

  1. TuffLittleUnit

    TuffLittleUnit Member

    I was just wondering if A5 drivers had noticed any change of behaviours from other road users. When I last had a coupe, a Celica vvti, it was just a few months after the car had come out and they were rare on the roads. I suddenly found that other drivers stopped letting me out of junctions, cutting me up on the motorway etc. I also found that young lads in particular became very confrontational - at one point in the Bradford area a car with 3 occupants actually tried to force me into oncoming traffic (no doubt about it, when they saw me coming up behind them they slowed to 20mph on a very wide 60mph road then sped up weaving from side to side when I tried to pass).

    I'm seriously considering an A5 and just wanted to know if the car attracted this sort of negative attention.
  2. a4cab18t

    a4cab18t New Member

    looks are quite understated so don't get too much attention from the chav-element. The daytime running lights do make people look twice though but you can turn them off if you want.

    Someone tried to race me off the lights in a souped up corrado. He didn't stand a chance....!

    (A5 3.0 TDI Sport)
  3. Frazpas

    Frazpas New Member

    No problems for me so far with mine. The only changes I notice is that at least 2 lads in chaved cars stopped to take a picture and others have stared, for minutes at a time....
  4. killa_z

    killa_z Couped Out

    2 days with mine and treatment is good and friendly, its a real looker, people will watch it all day (probably wondering what it is as most people dont even know about this model!), i suppose the area/people you live in/around is a factor

    am very pleased with the car so far

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