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a5 on twin 7 spoke grey 19"

mdwebb Jul 12, 2010

  1. mdwebb

    mdwebb New Member

    if anyone has noticed i bought some new wheels for my car only to find that a4 wheels dont fit an a5, after talking to many garages and other car moders i decided that i should go for it and make them fit, needing to take 3mm of all the way around i used a tool that i use for trimming of laminate edging surprisingly this worked and took 2mm off, all i need to do tomorrow is make a jig up for router to do the remaining 1.6mm.
    can i have your opinions on what iam doing, cheers
  2. invisible

    invisible New Member

    What are you having to trim, the exterior rim or the bolt holes as the PCD on the A4 aand A5 are different?

    If its a PCD issue there is a product called 'wobbly bolt' believe it or not that cater for slight differences in PCD and are specially designed to assist in this.

    Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable 'shaving' alloys, thread or otherwise as possibility of weakening the wheel.

    WOuld like to see pictures, before and after and on the car out of interest though

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