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A5 Loss of power

domjolly132 Mar 14, 2011

  1. domjolly132

    domjolly132 New Member

    Im looking at a 55 plate a5 which has an intermittent fault,whilst driving im expierencing a loss of power the eml does nt come on and no dtcs are recorded.as soon as i switch the ignition off and on the fault goes pls help!!!!:idea:
  2. danjwilson

    danjwilson New Member

    Bit confused... The earliest A5 would be an 07 plate! Dunno how come you could have a 55 other than a private plate.
    Regarding the fault... Is it a petrol or diesel. I know that diesels switch to a 'protected mode' when, for example, the DPF is clogged (there might be other faults that do this also), which basically cuts you power right down. But you'd usually get warnings-a-plenty on the DIS.

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