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A5 handbrake auto release

gandah Sep 30, 2011

  1. gandah

    gandah New Member

    Just bought the car a month ago - its a March 09 model with low mileage.
    Only getting round to reading manual now and having problems with auto-release (pg 100 of manual)
    When I try to move off i get the message 'please release parking brake' and have to manually press switch and accelerate off.
    I've re-read the instructions and it says when moving off from standstill i don't have to press switch down but when i try that the car doesn't move even though back end sinks down with strain of brake on.
    Would welcome any ideas/solutions before i take it to audi dealer. Thanks
  2. bcal707

    bcal707 New Member

    Seat belt has to be worn or at least buckled up for the auto release to work, thats how it works on mine and mine is a Sept 2010
  3. iwBen

    iwBen Be Gentle VCDS Map User

    I've been having the same trouble myself- it seems to release fine on an incline (whether going uphill or down), but its often hit and miss on level ground. If anyone has any insights I'd be very interested to hear them.

    Of course, just to be sure, we are talking about the electro-mechanical handbrake and definitely not hill-hold assist (HHA), yes? From my understanding hill-hold assist needs to be turned on every time you drive, and the button is located just behind the handbrake button.

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