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A5 Cab delivery letdown

nevvyc Nov 8, 2012

  1. nevvyc

    nevvyc New Member

    I ordered my third new Audi in 7 years mid-July, an A5 Cab S Line Multitronic in Ibis White, and a couple of extras.

    Obviously I knew there would be a waiting list, 12 weeks seemed acceptable considering the popularity of the model.

    After a few weeks I was pleased to get a delivery date of "approx" 9th November. Great I thought, a bit longer than 12 weeks, but let's plan for the changeover.

    On 29th October I was informed that the new delivery date to the dealer was February 16th 2013. No reason or apology was given by Audi for the delay. Leaving me in a slight predicament, but with no apology or reason for delay.

    What would you do? I've already sold my existing Audi, expecting to have a replacement vehicle in the next few weeks, which is fine because I've planned for a slight inconvenience. I've now got to wait another 12 weeks, at least! Maybe I'm stupid?

    Maybe a conspiracy theory here? UK market is saturated, Audi do not give 2 hoots if they upset an individual buyer in the UK. Let's take as many orders as we can, and get the factory to churn them all out regardless, then if we get a demand from another market we can re-direct them and saturate another market.

    Who cares that a long term Audi customer who only buys a new car every 3 or 4 years has been badly let down, they can wait another 12 weeks if they are so desperate for our product, if they are prepared to take the chance their order will then be available, maybe.......................................
  2. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    Unlucky :0
    Email ( kelly.hebblethwaite@audi.co.uk ) from Audi Uk and she will sort it, she will probably get your dealer to lend you a courtesy Car to get on with because i understand that this is unacceptable. She has been very helpful with me in the past. So complain to her and you will be sorted :)
    Let me know how you get on.
  3. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    I'll consider myself very lucky then.....

    Ordered my Ibis white A5 coupe at the end of March. Was quoted a mid-June build for mid-July delivery initially, although that slipped at one point to mid-July build, mid-August delivery.

    Fortunately for me, it did get into the country in mid August and I collected it on 1st September.

    The dealer did say that they can't quote any predictable delivery times for A5s - he said that all they can promise is that you'd get the car within a year of ordering it...

    I work for a very large telecomms company with 90,000 employees and we've had to take a lot of Audis off our company car list, because Audi just can't predict delivery dates with any accuracy and that's critical when you're ordering company cars to replace existing ones that need to be disposed of at a specific age - so its not just individual sales they're losing but large volume fleet sales too...

    Wierdly, the A5 sportback is still on the list but the coupe and cabriolets aren't....

    I did hear some stories after the Japanese earthquake that some paint colours were in short supply because some colour pigments came from Japan and supplies had dried up. Just a story - but it might be that some specific component or option is in short supply and that's the root cause... Just guessing - but that's what my salesman suggested was the likeliest reason for mine going back a month...

    I did hear though that China is now Audi's biggest market - so perhaps they're prioritising their biggest market sales at the expense of other regions....
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012

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