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A4 Window Regulator Problem

speedbird2639 Dec 3, 2006

  1. speedbird2639

    speedbird2639 New Member

    Hi - new boy here so apols if this is covered elsewhere. I've got a 1995 A4 TDI which has suffered the dreaded broken clip (the rubbishy green one that secures the cable to the guide on the regulator). I went to the local Audi dealer in Birmingham but they advised that they only do the full regulator - obviously as I'm tight with my money I'm loathe to go down that route as I only need the clips - the rest of the regulator is fine. I've seen lots of references to fixes for A3's and other VAG motors but nothing for A4 pre 2001 models. Is there any fix available or am I going to have bite the bullet and buy the whole regulator machanism?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

  2. CraigM

    CraigM Member

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