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A4 washer jet nozzle not retracting?!

S.line Dec 19, 2011

  1. S.line

    S.line Active Member

    Evening all. I am new to this forum but I've looked at it many times before!

    Right, question número uno.

    Today ive just bought my second Audi a v nice a4 s line avant. It has lots of things which seem great once my brain susses them out! Problem is I noticed after initial test drive with Audi that the os driver washer jet was stuck out. They told me they have sorted it but erm no, this eve it's stuck out...again!! Has this ever happened to any of you before? It's sticking out on what appears to be the nozzle on the cover

    Thanks for replies,

  2. GlacierS4

    GlacierS4 New Member

    Took delivery of a brand new S4 around 8 weeks ago and noticed when I got to work one morning that the washer was sticking out on both sides. The washer had got stuck on the flap and as soon as I moved it away, it pulled itself in no problem.

    Audi had a look at it and adjusted something, its all fine now....
  3. S.line

    S.line Active Member

    Cheers for that. A trip back to Audi it is then.
  4. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    This can happen if the water in the washers freezes and expands,

    Quite common this time of year if you don't have a high concentration winter screen wash

    A BMW I had lost both front washer periscopes until I worked this out, a few years ago, from then even with 2 trips to the alps and our last 2 cold winters they were fine, but I saw lots of cars with this type of washer jet system with missing covers or erect jets! Last winter
  5. S.line

    S.line Active Member

    The stalk is catching on the flappy thing and staying right out mate. Nowt to do with ice but cheers anyway.
  6. Audi Dynamik

    Audi Dynamik Well-Known Member

    Audi will alter the mechanism of the washer is controlled by to make the perfect fit
  7. buckingham68

    buckingham68 New Member

    Hi S.line- was this a relatively simple fix? My 58 plate S-line a4 has the same problem. The jet mechanism is just catching on the flap. If i just nudge the flap down a little the jets retract and the flap springs shut.
    Does the 'stalk' just need adjusting then?
  8. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Mine were doing this, I just lubricated them with WD40, if you gently prize the flap open from the top, grab the nozzle with your fingers, gently pull it out so it is fully extended and give the pole a spray near the base where it telescopes in and out and gently let it retract and repeat this process in a pumping manor to lubricate it well. This sorted mine without any adjustment.

    As said just don't yank the **** out of it :)

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