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  1. wackojacko

    wackojacko Member

    i currently own a 2001 a3 1.8t and im looking at the a4 tdi what can anyone tell me about all the different models ie 1.9 tdi, 2.5 tdi. i would like to remap the car i get so any help would be great.
  2. redevo1

    redevo1 Member

    If your after a b5 1.9 there's two the 90 bhp TDI and the 110bhp red i TDI, later cars had 100bhp and 115 bhp in the red eye version. The 2.5 came in two version that I'm aware the earlier 155bhp and 163 bhp but the 1.9 are aparently more tunable due to the VW stuff floating about for them ( upgrading nozzels and turbo's etc) and the chips.
    Plus the 1.9 will be less nose heavy for cornering.:icon_thumright:

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