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A4 TDI Jerky Engine On Idle...

sam_a4 May 15, 2009

  1. sam_a4

    sam_a4 New Member

    Just wondering if anybody could help me at all

    when i first start the engine the car doesnt feel right its really jerky through the pedals and all the car, when you apply a little revs the car feels normal again i have used vag-com to see if they is any faults but nothing. i had a similar fault about 10 months ago and i replaced the engine mount on the right side of the engine (the one with a sensor)

    Could it be any other engine mounts?

    Someone has said it could be the dual mass flywheel?

    I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas

    Cheers Sam
  2. white.akita

    white.akita Active Member

    i think it could be either the dmf, engine mounting or an injector but a injector should show a fault code.
    if you have had a faulty engine mounting then the others will of been under alot more stress so could be another mounting.

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