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  1. Mrscubatank

    Mrscubatank New Member

    Hello there, let me introduce my self and say what a great forum.
    My first question is, I've just bought a new A4 S-line 2.0 tdi 136 bhp, don't collect till Tuesday, thing is I've only driven the 143bhp version. And to be honest I didn't,t really have the time to test drive one. I currently own a 1.8t A3 Black Edition and have had several A3's in the past, so I kinda know what to expect. But now I starting to worry about performance, do I need to be ? Ok it won't be as quick as the A3 but I need the boot space (getting a dog) !!! And I had a £30k limit and wanted a new car, warranty etc etc. also does it have stop start and the energy recuperation thingy ? Yes I should have asked, but hey I didn't lol....
  2. phatAvant

    phatAvant Active Member Team Ibis

    The stop start I think yes, the "energy recupartion thingy" as you call it depends on the spec, is it a TDI e?
  3. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    I dont have stop start in my 2009, picking up a BE next week, hopefully that has it but who knows?

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