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A4 stereo upgrade. Audi owners please help

imported_christhick Jun 24, 2004

  1. A few months ago I purchased a Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB radio. I'm having real trouble which everyone has said cannot be fixed. I own a 99' A4 2.8 with the bose amplified system. Basically I get feed back through the speakers when the ignition is on and worse when the engine is running (or accelerator depressed). I have had suppressors fitted ( the type used when installing Playstations and the like) and this has eradicated most of the whining but it is still there.

    Please believe me when I say I have asked everyone for help. All the advice I get I repeat to Audi HQ stereo dept and a blaupunkt/VAG specialist and they say it isn't that. Audi have said that you cannot fit an after market stereo to the Bose system but I don't know if thatÂ’s true. The Blaupunkt is wired in correctly with all the right adaptors.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Please help
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Which adapters are you using as there are two types for Bose.
    You should be using the active speaker adapters which convert the mini ISO connection into 2 pairs of RCA's.
    I have had plenty of experience with the wonderful Audi wiring. Nothing is screened properly so interference is always likely. I would start by earthing the HU directly to the chassis (behind the glovebox) with some short chunky cable. From there it really is trial & error, but earthing and earth loops are the major culprit. You may need to invest in an earth loop isolator.
  3. rafA4

    rafA4 Member

    1st what kind of Amps are you running the stock or aftermarket? 2nd make sure that the head unit is good cause sometimes out of the box they are bad. Check your GND wires. Make sure that the RCA cables are a good brand and not the cheep kind because you will get noise from CHEEP RCA cables. Make sure that your routing the power cable and RCA cable on seprate sides of the vehicle. Also sometimes Aftermarket AMP produce some mass engine noise. Don't be fooled with noise filter like the one for your playstation they actually create more you just can't hear it, and you sound quality, I have had this problem in the past. IF any thing e-mail me.
  4. I'm using stadard Bose amplified speakers, the only thing I've changed is the head unit. I've (the fitter) has tried most possible solutions. Feeding power directly from the battery, and earthing to the chassis. The noise is minimal but still there. I thought there might be a common problem with the Bose system as Audi have told me that Audio companies such as Sony etc have approched Audi in the past with supplying after market up grades but none have been able to overcome this problem.

    I might just put up and shut up as it could cost a lot to fix and I'd end up with a load of parts that were no use.

    Thanks for your help lads.

    I'll let you know the outcome
  5. I have the same audio set up in my A4 right now and am exploring ways to upgrade the stereo system. From doing a little research I have found that it is recommended that when replacing the head unit you should replace all bose speakers as they are 1 or 2 ohms and most aftermarket head units are rated a 4 ohms. I don't know if this is what is causing the feedback but you might check into it. By the way, when you replaced the head unit, what happened to the little screen near the speedometer... was it affected? I'm curious as to if I should mess around with my head unit at all.

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