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A4 Splitter Clip

nathan2o12 Jun 29, 2013

  1. nathan2o12

    nathan2o12 New Member

    Hey guys, I am trying to find the name of a part or the best place to find one. I have tried a few times at the breakers yards but they rarely seem to get A4 parts in. I am trying to get the clip that screws onto the bumper which the splitter clips into, mine is broken and just want to replace the clip if I can find the part name or a place where I can purchase one online. Hopefully someone here knows where I can get one or the name of the part I am looking for? I have attached a photo hope it helps.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. WOLF

    WOLF Well-Known Member

    Dont know the exact name but just put a thing in the splitter and then put a thing through both to secure.:undwech:
  3. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Try TPS or dealers as they will use ETKA unless you know someone with it.

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