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A4 seats saloon / avant / cabriolet???

cocain May 23, 2008

  1. cocain

    cocain RAA RAA like a dungeon dragon!

    Hi Guys,
    I have a saloon and want electric heated seats. can anyone tell me if seats front and rear will fit from an avant. i'm sure the rears from a cab won't but what about the fronts?
    has anyone done this before and is there any modification needed or is it a straight swap.
    Also what wiring is involved as mine does not have the heated seat switch in the console.

  2. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    You will at minimum need the new climate control panel with the heated seat switches. There is not many panels that come up second hand with the seat switches.
    You say you wanted electric heated seats, do you mean just the heated seats or fully electric.
    If you just want the electric motors then you can just run a hefty feed to under each seat to power the motors, as I don't think you need a control module for them. A control module I think is only needed if you want to do memory seats - which according to a couple of sources requires the module changing in the drivers door and extra wiring added, plus the memory seat switches fitted to the door - which isn't an easy job (and you will need VAGCOM to do it) If its the heated ones then I'm not sure if there is a separate control module to control the heating or its all done through the switches.
    Someone with an EKTA parts diagram maybe able to tell you what other parts you might need.

    I'm sure front seats in saloon and avant will be 100% interchangeable, not sure about the cabriolet - obviously the cabriolet seats are '3 door' seats with lift handle to move the forwards for people to get in the back.

    As for rears, not sure if they will fit or not, my guess would probably be no !

  3. sandspeed

    sandspeed Member

    What color is your interior? Do you have a single or double DIN stereo? I have a set of tan power, heated, leather seats that just need a good clean. I also have a climate control with heated seats for a double DIN, with a couple scratches on the soft touch material. Front seats are 100% interchangeable, as I now have S-Line seats in mine untill I go pick up the Recaros next weekend. Under your existing seats you should see a plastic panel on the carpet. Move the seats back and pop the panel off. I will have to pop out to the garage and see what's what, but that's where all the connections are. Someone here might know what color plug is for the heat, and then you can just check to see if the wiring is there already. Otherwise, you would have to buy the harness, the climate control, and do the wire routing yourself. If tan will work for you, or if you want to get them retrimmed, I'd be willing to part with my seats and climate control for a reasonable offer.
  4. cocain

    cocain RAA RAA like a dungeon dragon!

    hi sandspeed thanks for the pffer but i have now just got some recaros and the climate control. i hope you don't mind me picking your brain though when i start the job in a couple of weeks cause i would rather get it right first time rather than flaff around.

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