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A4 S4 B5 - ABS & ESP lights are on since driving and braking over ice??

S4DemonGreek Feb 26, 2010

  1. S4DemonGreek

    S4DemonGreek German Cars Rule

    Hi there. Im new to this forum. Tried to find some previous threads about this coz im sure there will be some somewhere!
    Had no luck....Story goes- Without noticing i accelerated onto ice then attempted to brake straight after(which i dont think the car liked). Any suggestions on what may have happened to cause this fault and what i can do to fix it myself pre diagnostic read? Ps im going to get the Vagcom on it two days from now but having the lights on is doing my head in!!
    Help much appreciated.
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Does the light come on immediately upon starting, or does it come on after you drive away?

    If it comes on immediately that kinda suggests to me that either the ABS module is faulty, or theres a hardware fault ie a damaged sensor. Maybe even the fuse to the ABS module has blown?

    Dodgy sensors usually dont cause a fault to pop up until you drive off.
  3. S4DemonGreek

    S4DemonGreek German Cars Rule

    The lights are on as soon as you put the key in ignition and dont go off ever. i personally dont think its a sensor too.
    If i could i would check the fuse but i never got a handbook with the car and im not sure which fuse nubers relate to ABS and ESP modules. Can you point me in the right direction there? I thought ABS was fuse 9 (Rh side of dash) ive not got a clue which fuse is for ESP? Checked all the larger "old skool" fuses with a fluke, all fine. Thanks for your speedy response by the way.:)

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