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A4 Roof Bars

AndyCollins Jul 14, 2004

  1. AndyCollins

    AndyCollins Member

    I have a B5 A4 and am looking to purchase a set of roof bars, as I want to carry bikes. I just wondered if any of you guys had knowledge or experience of these. What type should I go for?, how much should I be paying in the UK?, any recomendations?

    I have seen Thule sets that require numerous fitting parts, and seem expensive? Are there cheaper options?

    Any advice, as ever, will be gratefully recieved.

  2. HotSauce

    HotSauce Member

    Having worked at a bike shop for quite a while, I will tell you that Thule's quality is second-to-none. I loved their stuff, and if you do a lot of hauling, it'll be worth it.

    Beyond that, I don't know. I didn't have my B5 A4 at my time of employment. Does it have to be a roof rack?
  3. justin_1ss

    justin_1ss Member

    Try going into Halfords assuming that you are in the U.K and see what they can do for you, the normally stock a couple of makes, im after some but that is for only carrying surfboards so it doesnt have to be as well made! Hope this helps.

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