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A4 Radio antenna connections - Question

junglist_matty Nov 14, 2013

  1. junglist_matty

    junglist_matty New Member

    Took the Symphony II radio out of the car to replace it (as its playing up).... Discovered the Audi makes use of two antennas for AM/FM radio reception:

    ISO male (linky)

    Fakra female (linky)

    What I need to know is which (or both) of these should be amplified before being plugged into an aftermarket unit? ...I'm hazzarding a guess that both should be amplified?

    If it's both to be amplified, then I'm going to have to get something like this:
    Amplified Double Fakra to DIN adaptor (linky)

    And a converter for one of the Fakra male plugs to plug into the cars male ISO antenna:
    Fakra to Male ISO adaptor (linky)

    Am I correct in thinking this? Surely you need to make use of both antennas (they are there for a reason) to get a good radio signal pickup. It seems to me to be a very strange choice that Audi made in using two different types of antenna connector for the radio, I guess there must be a reason!?
  2. yorkster001

    yorkster001 Member

    I've just fitted an after-market head unit to mine using the double fakra adaptor. The car wiring loom in mine just has a double fakra connection which connected straight to the old head unit (concert 2+).

    My understanding is the car has 2 antenna's located in the rear side windows. The double fakra adaptor includes diversity which I'm led to believe allows the head unit to tune to the antennae with the best signal? This was obviously built into the old unit.

    I'm not sure why yours has both fakra and iso so the above is probably of no use. If so, apologies :-(

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