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a4 questions

Turb0AWDALi May 17, 2004

  1. Turb0AWDALi

    Turb0AWDALi New Member

    im thinking about buying an audi a4 and i was wondering if there are any natural problems with the car that i should know about? i saw something about the gear box but thats all. Around how much do you guys think would be a good price for an a4 1.8t with under 80 or 90k miles? Is that too many miles or do audi's usually last longer than that? I dont really know much about audi's so this would help me out a lot. Thanks guys
  2. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    Between 1997-1999(not as much 99.5), there were some electrical problems. I think i know what you are talking about the gear box, but that is for the S4, i havn't really heard of any problems with that though for an A4. About the price, depends on the year and the options. Would you be getting the FWD or Quattro(AWD)? Sports suspension or standard? Manual or auto? Sports seats? Sports steering wheel? Audi, just like most European cars, the engines are very strong, and can last easily around 150k-200k(and on).

    1997, I wouldn't pay more than 12k(with every option, and car in perfect shape)
    1998, i wouldn't pay more than 13K(with every option, and car in perfect shape)
    1999, i wouldn't pay more than 14k(with every option, and car in perfect shape)
    2000, i wouldn't pay more than 16k(with every option, and car in perfect shape)

    I'm sure that there will be other opinions on this but those are just mine. Hope this helps you out some.
  3. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    In the UK I have an Audi '95 A4 1.8 with 110k miles. not SE (no aircon etc). That engine is 100% fine and only problem is the left suspension is squeaky (common problem) so needs an arm changing. That A4 cost me £2300. I just bought a '99 A4 1.8 SE with 106k miles off ebay (!) for £3,500. It is valued a lot higher at £6,800 in showroom condition so could easily sell it for £5,000.

    I would say at the end of the day, the A4 is a sounddd bet and if you look on ebay, there are some with 180k miles and still going strong and fetching money!

    I would definately reccommend an SE model and get as new as you can as my '99 (not facelfit '99.5) has a lot of changes which I never expected, e.g. it is a lot quieter on the motorway.

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