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A4 Quattro 1997 ABS Module Problems?

Luke Bowe Oct 6, 2011

  1. Luke Bowe

    Luke Bowe New Member

    Can somebody please help. I am new to this forum and am really struggling to stop my car presenting me with 3 bleeps ABS and brake light continuously illuminated. I have genuine VCDS which when I run a test comes up with port status ok, K1 ok, K2 ok. When I scan it comes up with no problems with ABS, in fact ABS is not mentioned. When I go into test the ABS specifically it comes up with no response from controller.

    After researching on the web it seemed obvious that it was the ABS module so I have had it sent off for testing and reconditioning which has been done, Whilst this was being done I changed all 4 wheel speed sensors with genuine Audi parts. But after fitting the reconditioned module the symptoms where identical :- 3 bleeps, orange ABS light and red brake light.

    Dont know where to go from here and am hoping someone can help me out of this black hole. All help will be most appreciated.
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Checked the ABS fuse?
  3. Robfitz

    Robfitz New Member

    Hi, Having similar problems with 1999 t plate 2.8 Quattro. Mine goes off for a couple of days then comes back. Diagnosis machine says Intermitent connection to instrument panel. Not started investigating yet? not sure where to start.
  4. jamie226bhp

    jamie226bhp Member

    Mine said intermittent signal to dash and sent the abs ecu off for repair which cured it but seems as you've done this I dong know what the fault could be unless it wasn't actually repaired, I'd phone them up and ask them to recheck it as all the other bits you've checked

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