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A4 owners for Audi Driver mag?

NBirkitt Nov 19, 2008

  1. NBirkitt

    NBirkitt Member

    Neil Birkitt here, on behalf of Audi Driver magazine

    Our reporter Peter Noad wants to get in touch with A4 owners regarding your impressions of ownership, to accompany an owners profile in the next issue of Audi Driver

    Unfortunately he is now on a very tight schedule

    If it is at all possible for any A4 owners to supply a photo of your car and provide some firsthand comments about it, within the next day or so, could you email ( not PM ) me directly to: Neil.Birkitt@autometrix.co.uk

    Please let me have your contact details / Tel. No. etc and a brief resume of your car

    Not just modified / show examples, even high-mileage ordinary everyday drivers are just as interesting

    We look forward to hearing from you :) Please email not PM


    Neil Birkitt

  2. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro


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