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A4 or A3/S3...

mdre83 Jun 25, 2008

  1. mdre83

    mdre83 Member

    I'm torn between getting an A4, A3 or maybe an S3 but would like to stick to diesel...
    A4: Slightly a little more practical having the 4 doors
    A3: Boot space is better being a hatchback and the rear seats fold down.
    They both have there pros and cons, what are your thoughts and why?


  2. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    my thought was S3, cause it brought more of a smile to my face when I test drove it. I really should have got an A4/A5 due to having a growing family but I thought the missis' car is for that job. Never looked at the S4... shoulda thought of that
  3. sat1983

    sat1983 Member

    Get an A3 sportback? 5 doors and just as practical as the A4- with a better boot. Or wait for the S3 sportback due out in a few months.

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