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a4 no fuel gauge showing

purplecatqueen Apr 25, 2009

  1. purplecatqueen

    purplecatqueen New Member

    I have a darling 4yr old boy who likes to fiddle with the light switches in the A4, hence car wouldnt start this morning, hubby charged the battery and all fine apart from fuel gauge not showing now oh ekk always summit. Please help have x 2 A4s think gremlins are in both as the other has problems with ECU, just hope this other problem with the saloon is not too complicated.Any suggestions why the gauge not workin since battery gone flat please help. cheers x:unsure:
  2. Englishguy

    Englishguy New Member

    You could try a hard wire reset.....

    Method : Disconnect battery Negative and Positive leads and hold them together for a few minutes.

    Basicly this will reset/powerdown the ECU's and possibly rectifiy your problem.

    Hope this helps........

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