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A4 needed for prototype!

chrisl Apr 24, 2006

  1. chrisl

    chrisl New Member


    Attention GReddy Enthusiast
    GReddy Performance Products is in search of test vehicles for prototyping new applications for our exhaust systems. Chosen vehicles used in our testing will receive a free exhaust system for that vehicle. If you own a vehicle that matches the list below, and you meet the following requirements, Please email us in at gpp[at]greddy.com, using the format describe at the bottom of the page.
    (Please do not call in, questions can be sent via email to gpp[at]greddy.com)
    Thank you for your support of GReddy Products.

    GReddy is in search of the following vehicles for exhaust prototyping:

    Year: Make: Model: Drivetrain

    97-01 Audi A4 sedan/wagon 4WD 1.8T

    05-06 Audi A4 sedan 2.0T
    02-06 Audi A4 sedan V6

    99-06 Audi TT 180hp 1.8T

    1. The vehicle and owner must be based in the Southern California
    (preferably in the Orange or L.A. County area)
    2. The vehicle must be in good mechanical working order. (no “Check Engine Lights”)
    3. The vehicle must have the:
    factory engine,
    factory exhaust manifold
    factory catalytic- converter
    factory exhaust system (or GReddy system)
    factory rear bumper (without damage)
    4. The vehicle’s suspension should not be lowered below 2”
    5. The vehicle must be available for two full work days (9am-6pm, mon-fri)

    E-mail Format:
    1. E-mail Subject Line:
    “Exh. Prototype”
    2. With in the Body of the email: (please include all of your information shown below)

    Make: Audi
    Model: A4 Sedan/Wagon FF
    Grade: 1.8T
    Year: 1999
    Transmission: Manual
    GReddy Parts (if applicable): G2 exhaust
    Other Parts: XXX brand intake, etc.

    Name: John Doe
    Email: jdoe@email.com
    Street Address: 123 Home Street, Apt. A1
    City, State, Zip: Irvine, CA 92618
    Day Time Phone: (714) 123-4567

    Date: 04/05/06

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