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A4 Multitronic goes to stall

MelA4Cab Mar 26, 2004

  1. MelA4Cab

    MelA4Cab New Member


    Has anyone with a multitronic gearbox experienced this, when braking to a standstill had the engine almost stall.
    Doesn't actually stall but rev dip quite low.
    QAlmost sounds like a case of a faulty MAF, but i think its because of the gearbox.

    Doesn't seem to matter if the car is either warmed up or cold.
    Dealer has looked at it but doesn't seem to be able to find problem. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif

    Anyone who has the same problem. Audi uk dont think there is a case of it being a common fault.
    You views would be appreciated,


    p.s. car is a 1.8T A4 Cabriolet.
  2. mastertech

    mastertech Member

    had similar fault with a customers car.it turned out that it was caused by the multitronic.there are adaptions that can be carried out on the clutches.this should be done first.your dealer should know how to do this.good luck
  3. hensoni

    hensoni New Member

    My 0353 2.5TDI Multitronic did this for the first time yesterday - and did it again this morning. Mine has 48k, FSH including the oil change at 40k so it should be under warranty(!) It's booked in for this afternoon - providing it doesn't go horribly wrong en-route.

    On mine, it seems like the drive-off clutch is not engaging / dis-engaging properly. I live on a significiant incline so I'm used to the amount of throttle pressure needed to move off - I now need significantly more throttle pressure and revs climb a lot higher before settling.
  4. CJ A4

    CJ A4 Active Member

    I have stalled my multitronic twice when changing from drive to reverse and visa-versa. That was sortly after a brand new gearbox and clutch was fitted. Hasn't done it again though
  5. hensoni

    hensoni New Member

    My Audi dealer has now sorted the problem - they replaced the Hydraulic Control Valve (they also called it the Hydraulic Control Unit - now sure if they are one and the same). It meant my car was out of commission for a fortnight and involved taking the gearbox out.

    Unlike Southampton Audi (in a similar post), Yeovil Audi failed to get me a courtesy vehicle - they even suggested that I hire a Ford Focus from Hertz down the road! Audi UK wouldn't intervene so my wife and two kids were stuck on public transport.

    I'm glad it was under warranty, but not terrible impressed with the dealer response

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