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A4 Modification advise

Kit Jul 29, 2007

  1. Kit

    Kit New Member

    Hi i'm thinking about buying a B5 - A4 estate to modify, always liked them alot and I need something with more seats... since my current ride is a modified Toyota Hilux/Tacoma.

    I have a few questions:

    I would really like to put an RS series leather interior into it to begin with, would it be the RS4 that I need to find or will other models work? How much am I looking at for front + rear seats and door cards, and how much extra for the dash do you reckon?

    What ET is optimal for this model, will I have any problems fitting 8x18" rims?

    What are the most cost effective brake upgrades for this model, not cheap just best bang for my buck? I'm guessing models with the 1.8T, since alot have their engines gutted.

    If I were to do a 1.8T swap, which is the best donor and is it a (relatively) straight forward process? I've done plenty of engine swaps but not much on more modern cars... What alternatives are there to the 1.8T?

    What is the current trend with this cars, I will personally be going for a sort of euro rat look. Matt black paint, chrome rims and a relatively subtle bodykit:



    Although i'm going to try and find some more side skirts, since i'm not a big fan of the ones included with this kit.

    Could anyone provide pics of their favourite B5 - A4's and more specifically, the estate versions!

  2. Kit

    Kit New Member

    I'm going to start searching the forums for the info and i'll delete questions as I find what I need, mainly need pics of a4 estates though.
  3. 205man

    205man Active Member

    the rs4 only cam in estate form in the b5 model so would fit yours but you may need to take other things from an rs4 suc as the aircon panel with the heated seat switches in, if you doesnt have them already otherwise you will ahve to make/fit some and there maybe be other parts, and also its going to be expensive and hard to come by as they dont come up for sale very often.

    yes you can fit 8x18 wheels i have with a 35 et and the pcd is 112 fitted with 225/40/18 tyres with no problems

    why bother going to the hassle of doing a 1,8t transplant just buy a 1.8t?????? oing to be far easier and cheaper
  4. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    i would say the same just buy a car with the 1.8T in already saves alot of work in the long run.

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