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A4 MMI question

Tommy Trouble Jul 5, 2013

  1. Tommy Trouble

    Tommy Trouble New Member

    Hi all

    Sorry for posting probably the least interesting question of the day but, I've just taken delivery of a 2010 A4 with the music interface, however I need cables, and before I go spending a bunch of money to take acount of my wifes iphone, my galaxy, usb, all of which have different connections, I wondered......

    Can I not just buy the MMI to usb connector and fit all different phones to that? These days all phone chargers are the usb to plug socket type, which you can also use on a pc, so is there any reason I can't just connect via usb? Will I loose any funcionality doing it this way?

    Also, I've read a lot about problems getting SD cards to work, in order to avoid running into problems, what type/size of card should I buy?

    Thanks in advance


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