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A4 IPOD advice read if your buying

Tobez Jun 27, 2006

  1. Tobez

    Tobez Member

    Had the Harmon Kardon fit 2 weeks ago, in my 2 week old a4, problem is the 06 hasnt had any leads developed for it yet to connect the unit directly to the concert headunit so you have to USE the FM option, which in all honesty yeah it works but its ****, cos it uses FM u loose the bass etc, But the functionality of the unit far surpasses the dension one.

    Anyways ive now got both LOL, just be carefull, Im not an audiphile but i like good sound and if i know i can get better i go that route.

    If you need easy menus better looking gadgets and aint bothered about sound that much, HK is for you, if you want clunky operation but good sound Dension.

    By the way if anybody has actually found an 06 HK to Concert Cd changer lead let me know, But as far as i was told by 4 companies nothings out yet, even HK said same :(

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