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  1. imported_bearboy

    imported_bearboy Guest


    I'm not sure what to do. I've got a 1998 A4 with standard Concert (tape) sound system. I've also got a Pioneer MD player from my previous car. One of the front tweaters is screwed as well, makes a rattling sound whenever there is bass.

    I want to upgrade the speakers, and put in a CD player.

    Got a few options:-
    1. Keep the concert head unit and fit a Multi-CD changer in the rear.
    2. Get a CD head unit (Concert II) and fit a Multi-CD changer in the rear.
    3. Install the MD head unit and fit a Multi-CD changer in the rear.

    I can't seem to find the DIN connector in the rear, so am thinking it isn't pre-wired.

    No idea about the speakers and have a tight (compared to what I've seen on here) budget for all this. Max £400 - £500 for all kit and work, inc CD Changer.

    Any ideas/suggestions?



  2. imported_cocain

    imported_cocain Guest

    Option 3 mate. You can do that for £500
    Use your MD head unit and get a changer off ebay that's compatible. Get an amp off ebay then buy your speakers from the shop or net slightly cheaper if you have the time to search.
    4 ch Amp £100
    cd changer £50- £75 the rest to spend on amp kit and speakers or spend extra on an amp

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