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A4 hot and cold heater !

chris a4 Nov 28, 2009

  1. chris a4

    chris a4 New Member

    Hi, Can anyone shine a light on my heater/climate fault ? The car is an a4 2002 b5 tdi. The temp gauge only rises to around 70 , econ light on dash will not switch off , fan is on from start up, and the real poser , both settings on hi on the climate. Passenger side all vents hot air, drivers side all vents cold air . had a diagnostic which shows r/hand flap acctuator fault. Took out glove box and found motors ok . took out drivers lower shelf but no sign of any motors.

    Do all the motors on n/s operate all vents ?
    Can thermostat be faulty ?

    Really need some help people, getting cool out there ! Thanks in advance.

    Chris A4.

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