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A4 Dash warning lights advice needed

AudiA41.8T Mar 30, 2012

  1. AudiA41.8T

    AudiA41.8T New Member

    I have recently bought a Jan 99 A4 1.8T Avant, when i turn the ignition on the center dispay goes through its checks and says ok.
    When the ignition is first turned on i get the following lights which go out when engine starts
    Electric immobilizer,Alternator and engine oil pressure light.
    The hand brake light goes out on release of hand brake.

    What im worried about is the air bag light and ABS warning lights do not come on at all or are they controlled by the center display.
    I do have a owners hand book but just need another drivers advice.
    The fuses number 5 is ok for air bag warning light
    number 7 anti lock system fuse is ok
    number 16 anti lock brake system wont hold a mini fuse and looks like there are no contact pins hence why fuse was missing
    number 41 fuse was not installed.
    I do have wheel sensors so assume that i have abs is there a way to test whilst driving
    I would be grateful for Any help or advice
  2. Tom_B

    Tom_B Member

    I bought a 2000 A4 a couple of months ago and have been learning about the car ever since! My understanding is that the air bag warning light should come on for a second or so during the start up routine - so I wondering what could be up with your air bags so to speak. Get it checked with the diagnostic VAG com by an auto electrician. My understanding is that the MOT requirements are changing and that airbags must be fully fuctional and no warning lights on. Also non fucntioning airbags can invaliate insurance.
  3. AudiA41.8T

    AudiA41.8T New Member

    Hi Tom_b
    Thank you for the reply, I took the dash speedo out this morning to check the bulbs, on the right side warning lights are mini LEDS, were the air bag and abs lights should eluminate there are no LEDS and the area looks like the plastic casing is sealed over so its never had the lights from new.
    So now i am more confused thats why i have asked the forum as i thought there must be a member with a A4 with the LCD display.
    Also replaced the rear strut bump stops today shame you have to strip half the boot out to get to the top bolts.
  4. ldoshiv2

    ldoshiv2 Member

    sounds odd tbh, abs and airbags have been stanard since 1995. Sounds like they have been taken out to prevent the lights illuminated on an mot.... which then means there must have been a problem in the first place perharps ? every b5 owner has probably had an abs fault!

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