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A4 Cut Out Won't Start.

Barry#1 Dec 27, 2010

  1. Barry#1

    Barry#1 In The Pit Lane

    My A4 Tdi 130 Sport cut out on me as i was driving then wouldn't start again, so had it towed home. Was turning over ok but not firing up. Got my uncle to check it in his garage and he says it's coming up with 4 faults, not got the codes as it was xmas eve and he was about to finish. He's not back in till Jan 10th so av no car till then :(

    Anyone have any idea what it could be, or would i need the fault codes to find out what the problem is. Been told it's not the pump cos that doesn't show a fault code, that right?
    Could it possibly be an injector fault?

    As i said am looking for possibilities of what it could be so i have an idea before he reopens on Jan 10th.

    Cheers guys

  2. markA4tdi

    markA4tdi markA4tdi

    when you say it cut out, was there any hesitation, spluttering before hand?? any warning lights or noises when it happened?... need more info, plus it may sound blindingly obvious but you have plenty of fuel in? (sometimes the guage will tell you theres fuel but you never know!)
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    come on no one on here can say what it could be
    get some codes

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