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a4 central locking problem

imported_stunt_man_rob Jun 23, 2004

  1. i have an A4 1.9tdi avant 1999 Treg, none of the doors would open or lock. i had a problem with the compressor impeller being shatterd, i have since found one from a scrap yard and replaced the impeller into my unit. now only the drivers side works as well as the fuel flap, but on putting the other air pipe onto the small fitting i can open the other doors. so to sum up, air from the compressor is only coming out of one outlet, i have changed the whole upper body to the one i got from the scrap yard but same problem, air only coming out of the smaller outlet, at the moment my only soloution is to make both pipes work off the one outlet unless anybody here can remedy my fault.

    many thanks in advance for taking the time.

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