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a4 cd changer

tipperc Apr 28, 2012

  1. tipperc

    tipperc New Member


    I'm trying to retro fit a cd changer into my 2005 A4 Avant but i'm struggling with the glove box insert.

    Does anyone know the part number for the glove box liner? i've spoken with my local dealer and they are saying that i need a full glove box at £200... surely there must be a way of just purchasing the liner?

    Any help will be greatfully recived regarding the liner or fitting the cd changer in general.


  2. ben.w93

    ben.w93 Member

    Got any pictures? I thought the glovebox liner had the shelf in the top for the CD changer, I know mine does. If not, have you looked at extending the loom and locating the changer in the rear of the car?
  3. Gazthesparky

    Gazthesparky Member VCDS Map User

    Hi I have retrofitted the cd player into the glove box Audi are correct there's no insert you have to buy the complete glove box that's got the cd slot built into it

    The standard glovebox looks like its got a shelf and slot for the cd player but infact it's too big a space

    If u want any more info drop me a PM

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