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A4 CD Changer in A3

M4tt29 Nov 21, 2013

  1. M4tt29

    M4tt29 New Member

    I'll start off by saying that i have a 2009 audi a3 black edition 8p3 with rnse.

    A few years ago my dad had an Audi A4 (not sure what year unfortunatly) that came with factory cd changer, he got rid of the A4 a while back but kept the cd changer.
    My question is will the cd changer out of the A4 work with my rnse in my A3?

    i have the part number of the cd changer if that helps: 8E0 035 111

    Im guessing its not possible due to firmware etc but it would be good if it will work as its a handy accessory to have.


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