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A4 Cabriolet Info please

imported_Dibbs26 Aug 4, 2004

  1. imported_Dibbs26

    imported_Dibbs26 Guest

    I am considering purchasing the above and I have a querie over the ISOFIX fittings in the car. Do they come as standard on the back seats as well as the front passenger seat?, also how practical is the car if you have a baby (boot space for pram etc !).
    Any other info would be greatly appreciated such as which engine to go for, options and colour etc.
    I am looking at the second hand market.

    Many Thanks in anticipation !
  2. AndrewRichmond

    AndrewRichmond Member

    Not sure how much you want to spend, how much performance you want, which gearbox, new or used or whether you want Quattro.

    I have driven a 3.0 2WD and found it to be impressive but for me I would want Quattro.

    You can download the price list in pdf form (Audi.co.uk)which gives you an idea of spec and options prices (hopefully correct!) but my opinion is that the cars' are not that well equiped, so you will need £3-5k of extras. However, its very much the convertible in vogue so residuals are good.

    PS I seem to remember that the boot on the Merc CLK is bigger and the Merc has much larger side rear windows - better for little ones seeing out.

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