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danrix86 Apr 8, 2011

  1. danrix86

    danrix86 New Member

    new to all this so help appreciated

    bought my 55 plate a4 s line cabriolet a couple of months ago and my symphony 2 unit has packed up alltogether. going to be replacing with an rns when saved up some cash but in the mean have a kenwood headunit i want to put in to tide me over as no music is a real pain.

    need to know which aerial adapter i need and also which harness adapter. the smallest of the two black plugs on my audi fits the kenwood unit but it doesnt power up.

    not sure if my system is fully amplified ect all i know is it use to say bose on the headunit when turned on and it says bose on the front and rear speaker grills.

    pictures of what i have can be found here Pictures by danrix86 - Photobucket

    any help will be gratly appreciated. ​

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