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A4 cab windscreen trim

PMJ Jan 19, 2010

  1. PMJ

    PMJ need another DTM

    This is gonna be awkward to explain, but on the cab there is the main silver trim that runs around the windscreen and then there is a small balck trim attached to that , this has a small rubber strip attached to it , can any one tell me how the black trim is attached to the silver trim... is it glued on or is it held in place by clips...Mine has come adrift at the bottom of the screen on near side. I cant see how its secured, not only that but it looks like the silver trim might be off a little... so leaving a gap between screen and rubber strip.. its a buggers as its not something I would attemp to repair ( being a numty) but I am sure Audi will want more than an hours labour to cure it...
  2. pjmspeedy

    pjmspeedy Dude, what's mine say ?

    You don't want to lose that bit as you can't buy it on it's own! Comes part of the Ally trim which isn't cheap as you can imagine.

    I saw mine was a drift at the bottom edge on the passenger side so I glued it back in with some very strong adhesive. If the Ally trim isn't in place correctly then PM "markyzs180" as I'm sure he has a diagram of it as I think he has swapped his.
  3. PMJ

    PMJ need another DTM

    The reason I dont think the silver trim sits right is that it is closer to the wing at the bottom than the off side... and if I hook the black trim into the silver trim and push reasonably hard it all holds, but as soo as I let go the black trim springs out and the silver trim has some play in it.....
  4. Glassman

    Glassman Seasoned Noob

    PJMSpeedy rightly says, the trim is complete. If you have play, or the trim is loose at the bottom, this could simply mean that either the lip hasn't been lined up with the retainer (underneath it, on the A-pillar) or the retainer is broken / missing.

    If the windscreen has been changed and all the rivets have not be put in place, this can also give you some movement on the trim.


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