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A4 Cab - Technical Bulletin relating to roof switch. Fault: 2000

Illusion-Paul Apr 24, 2012

  1. Illusion-Paul

    Illusion-Paul Member

    Thought you might find this interesting:

    Vehicle Information
    Convertible top inoperative
    During opening sequence, tension bow has fallen out of range and top operation ceases.
    DTC 2000 (Switch position incorrect signal) will be stored in the Convertible Top
    Control Unit. This condition is more common when the vehicle is on an incline with the
    front of the vehicle elevated, such as when parked in a sloped driveway.
    DTC 2000 will be the only fault present for this bulletin to apply. If there are any other
    faults in the convertible top control unit, these malfunctions must be corrected first.
    Only after these are corrected and the above condition is still present, accompanied by
    DTC 2000, should you continue.
    Only technicians who have successfully completed Self Study Program 991203 - The
    Audi A4 Cabriolet and course number 991202 - Audi A4 Cabriolet Introduction are
    permitted to service the A4 Cabriolet. If you have
    not completed these prerequisites, do not continue with this bulletin. Have the case
    dispatched to a qualified A4 Cabriolet technician.

    Technical Background

    During the opening phase of the convertible top run, the front lock lifts from the
    windshield and the tension bow lifts to a vertical position to allow clearance for the
    convertible top box lid to open. The lid is then unlatched. During the unlatching of the
    top box lid and at the point when the tension bow is vertical, the opening strategy calls
    for the hydraulic pump to shut off momentarily. During this "off period" the tension
    bow is not under pressure and can slowly drift backwards before the top box lid can
    unlatch completely. Within this time period, the tension bow may have exceeded its
    plausible operating range. This will cause the top operation to cease. DTC 2000 (Switch
    position incorrect signal) is stored.

    Production Solution

    Optimized Convertible Top Operation Control Module beginning with software 9.0,
    part number 8H0 959 255B.
  2. hi2gav

    hi2gav Noob

    This happens to me all the time. I used VCDS to clear code then change channel in adaptation and it fixes the problem. Usually works for full open/close cycle for probably 5 times before the error occurs again. Most annoying especially in spring weather! Have you had this problem?
  3. Illusion-Paul

    Illusion-Paul Member

    Only just bought the car, and done a DTC clear, i got these codes after 2 days.

    Only issue i have really seen is that the roof doesn't come up sometimes when i push the button. Looking at all causes really and looking into the fault codes

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