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A4 Cab roof problem....HELP!!!

ridgy666 Jul 10, 2010

  1. ridgy666

    ridgy666 New Member

    Hi all, (03 plate A4 Cab)

    Bit of an issue, I was parked putting my roof back up about 20mins ago and stupidly turned the ignition off mid way during the roof shutting.

    My roof will now not shut! I have a flashing "hood" light on my dash and I'm unable to open the boot. I tried the manual roof shut using the manual but the roof won't go into the slots.

    Luckily it's not raining.....yet!

    Any idea's?!?!?
  2. ridgy666

    ridgy666 New Member

    Fixed! Need to use the hood release tool to unlock the catch. Phew....here comes the rain!!!!
  3. Hi, we have had almost the same problem, we started the engine while the roof was going down, managed to close it, but now it seems to have gone out of sync some how, and it get confused as to what part of the process it's at! .... Does yours still work with the button after putting yours up manually? Think ours need expert help, unless there's a way of reseting it? Anyone know of a way? Cheers Stuart.
  4. blackpool1974

    blackpool1974 Member VCDS Map User

    The instructions should be in your owner manual, but a quick recap

    1. put all your windows down, undo the roof catches at the front with the manual roof key, lift roof a bit and then close the catches with the key, then lift the back of the roof where the glass is till its vertical. at this point get somebody to hold the roof in this position
    2. climb in and take out the armrest/skicover on the back seats and stick your manual key in and unlock the roof storage compartment, lift the lid as far as you can till it wont drop on its hydraulics and then slowly push the roof into the enclosure, then let the compartment cover slowly drop and then lock it in place with the key, then turn your ignition key and press the close button and the roof should rise and close itself, if it doesn't complete a whole open to closed manual reset, it should work.

    When you are doing the manual reset it just tells all the sensors of which there are many what position the roof is in.
  5. Hi, thanks for your help, just tried the manual process but still no joy, it seems to be working, the hatch opens up then imediatly starts to drop on it's own, the roof movesup very very slightly then stops, I guess it stops because a sensor is telling it the hatch isn't fully opened? Bloody thing! Hottest days of the year and can't use it properly! Lol, anyone out there know where the sensors are on the car?? Cheers in advance for any help..... Stuart
  6. To add to last post, seems the hatch won't hold itself open on opening or closing of the roof, like the control unit isn't running motor or pump etc after the hatch has opened, feel this is gonna be costly! Again anyone any ideas please..... Cheers
  7. Additional additional! The hatch does hold itself up when it's midway up, if I stop pressing the button while it is half open, I dunno! Spose taking it to Audi to diagnose is the next step, . Thanks Stuart.
  8. johnnyfinlandia

    johnnyfinlandia Member

    I have the same problem. I also stopped the roof when it was opening. Did you sort it yourself or did Audi?
    Thanks, John.
    p.s. Have you still got the car?
  9. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    read the book the reset is in there

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