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a4 cab problems....06 s-line 140 tdi

ian b May 27, 2008

  1. ian b

    ian b New Member

    its booked in warrington audi where i got from amonth ago..i think its got flat spots in 1 2 3rd gear.. the passenger window wont always go up.. its got one big button that works all windows if needed, when i pull up on the switch at night time the main headlights flicker, cigar lighter dont work and the passenger door has got to be adjusted up cos its a few mill dropped. its been in once for the door but say it needs to go to body shop...i said wht about the flat spots, characterisic they said, has he drove i said, dont need to they said.. so customer service got a call and thats why its back in for tests...if i win the lottry this weekend im ordering the dearest they do and setting fire to it outside, i have all this **** before with vw and audi over the years...but we still buy em dont we!!

    anyway sorry for ranting...ill keep you updated
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    jeez mate, sounds like you got a pup.

    Give it back, until 30 days have elapsed from your pick up date the dealer is liable for all faults. (consumer credit act 2000)

    Park it outside, phone the finance company and say its a bucket of ***** and your not taking it. They will fix things up in a hurry.

    Beleive me, been there, done that wi an Alfa. Got £2000 of repairs free, and still got the car, no further action :)

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