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a4 cab 2.5tdi vibration under acceleration

David280585 Oct 24, 2013

  1. David280585

    David280585 Member

    i have a vibration under acceleration like the wheels arent balanced,

    ive had new wheels,
    new tyres and balance
    new offside shaft last year and that made no difference

    both inner cvs feel like they have slight play in but my mate reckons they are all like that,
    its really been doing my head in as its been like this 2 years now,

    if i shut off and coast its fine i took it up a notch on a open motorway early hours from work to 120 (as a test) i never speed to be fair but needed to check vibrations,
    anyway after 80 its gone

    could it be a slight misfire causing engine vibration?

    doesnt vibrate through the steering wheel but the gear stick shakes horrendous and you can feel it through the car

    any thoughts?
  2. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I would suggest another slightly bent driveshaft or the propshaft - could be an engine / gearbox mount?
  3. glenandem

    glenandem Active Member

    im having a very similar issue with my 1.9 tdi fwd 5 speed at the mo,my vibration comes mildly at 40ish but get really bad at mway speeds and i too can drive through it at about 90-100 mph, ive replaced both engine mounts and front snub mounting,ive replaced dmf and clutch so checked the rear gearbox mounting while i was there and that seemed ok but im thinking about replacing that as ive done all the rest!
    im pretty certain though its either a slightly bent driveshaft as theres no play in them and look straight enough jacked up or possibly a winky gearbox as passenger side driveshaft has play actually inside the gearbox when i rock driveshaft!
    my driveshafts both have a midges of play in the cv's too and im pretty happy that its acceptable too!
    if i find my problem i will post up what sorted it as ive found threads on here and other forums with similar vibrations and they never posted the fix!!
  4. David280585

    David280585 Member

    Been in it tonight as the mrs drives it and vibrated from 40 all way to 80 then gone,I also have play in the internal box like you,I will try to upload a video soon,its definately transmission issue may try 2 new inner cvs

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