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A4 Cab 2.4V6 - Is my oil consumption normal?

imported_lewiscsfb Apr 25, 2005

  1. Hi There,

    I have a 8 month old A4 Cab 2.4V6 and have done 3200 miles.

    I checked the oil at the weekend and it needed a 1lt to get it back up to the maximum mark.

    Is this normal??

    The manual does say the car can burn up to 0.5lt/1000km but what are people finding in practice?

  2. stratty31

    stratty31 New Member

    Hi there, If i had a pound for every time people ask me if their oil consuption is normal then i would be driving a RS6!!!!!..
    All engine types can burn oil, some more than others, it also depends how you drive (do you cain the ass of it!!?)..audi won't do anything if it falls within the tolerances in the handbook..however, i have known certain cases where they do consume excessive amounts of oil and they have done something about it, if you're concerned then keep an accurate log of exactly how many miles and how much oil you're adding, they will ask for this in any event..it aslo states in the handbook that the oil consumption can be higher that this in the first 5K..my response is usually "yes sir, but look how smooth she's running, you could balance a pound coin on that engine!!"..hope this helps, simon
  3. Thanks for the reply. My post was a bit misleading, in actual fact my concern is that I might have overfilled the oil.

    The oil was on minimum and so in a rush (showing my ignorance here) I added the whole tub of oil (1lt). Later I read you should only add in 0.5 Lt amounts. It also says overfilling damages the catalytic converter.

    After filling, when I then read the dipstick I THINK it is now on maximum but am not sure. The dipstick is -very- annoying, It has the level indication bit on the end of the wire and then a ball higher up.

    The ball always comes out covered in oil even when I only put the dipstick half way down the tube (and the level indicator comes out dry). At first I worried I had massively overfilled with oil but I think now this is oil from the sides of the tube.

    The measuring but on the bottom shows the oil level at maximum on one side but as I turn it round the other side shows the oil level over maximum. Also, it's not consistent, somethimes it comes out ok and others I think it is above max. Car is cold and on a flat.

    I feel like a right idiot as I've never had problems reading a dipstick before but if I have added 1lt to a car that was on minimum have I added too much??

    How much do you have to overfill to damage the catalytic converter?
  4. imported_ronny

    imported_ronny Guest

    1ltr should be fine from minimum, I done my 1.8T the other day on min and just whacked in a full litre
  5. Great. Thanks for the reply.
  6. A4_2point4

    A4_2point4 New Member

    Hi Lewis,

    I had exactly the same experience with my 2.4. Checked it after about 5k miles, and the oil was alarmingly low ! I also put the whole litre in, which (I think) was OK.

    No problems since anyway.

    As you say, it is quite difficult to interpret the dipstick markings with those 'balls' !
  7. Thanks for the reassurance

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