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a4 blowing cold air

ifsot Oct 11, 2013

  1. ifsot

    ifsot New Member

    hi have a 54 plate a4 2.0 tdi air con works fine but when i put it on to hot or hi it blows cool air its warm for about 5 seconds then goes cold , temp gage stays at 90 noticed fan on all the time, took fan fuse out today still ran at 90 and heating did not get any hotter , could it be air in the system or something other not losing water or anything like that
  2. Coath

    Coath New Member

    Welcome to the ' A4 not blowing warm air' club , I am in the middle of a similar situation but mine is intermittent hot air, difference is i may have a leaky thermostat so i am starting there.

    First of all check the matrix hoses going through the bulkhead and see if they are both getting hot, that will rule out a blocked matrix
    You could also try bleeding the system of air, if you search the forum you should find a few post on how to do this

    Good luck
  3. guyzza75

    guyzza75 New Member

    Hi there ..I had this problem on my a4 2.0 TDI..on mine there was an air lock in my matrix radiator..to cure this I run the car and got warm then find the 2 rubber hoses that go into the car for the matrix..mine are dead centre under bonnet at back to left of battery..anyway undo the clip and pull it back ..then if you look on the rubber hose there is a small like pin hole in it around an inch back on the rubber hose ...gently pull back the rubber hose until the pin hole is clear of the metal pipe and air will hiss out ( I left my engine running).. When the air stops coming out and water squirts through the pin hole your done.. Tighten up the clip again !.. Please do at your own risk and be careful ..1 ..the metal pipes from the matrix radiator are soft aluminium and damage easy when trying to remove rubber hose and are usually very tight 2.. Be careful of hot water ...this worked for me after changing thermostat and temp sensor and still cold blowers :) p.s the top was the only one I undid and was the return to engine ..hope this helps everyone ...I have heard stories of head cracked ..water pump gone etc.... All along was an airlock stopping hot air circulating for heating ..
  4. guyzza75

    guyzza75 New Member

    Forgot to say mine is a 2005 a4 b7 2.0 TDI blb ..did this today on mine as was blowing cold to Luke warm air and then going back cold ...mines blowing hot now :)

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