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A4 Battery drain-help

audimike Dec 22, 2008

  1. audimike

    audimike New Member

    Hi all hope you can help,

    Last used my car saturday morning with no problem. came to use the car this morning & the battery had been drained flat & could not start the car. no lights nothing.

    I called out roadside assist & they got the car going but stated there is a 3amp drain on the battery.

    Now as night fell tonight i happened to go out to the car & noticed that the hazard warning button & head light switch is permantly lit. I sat in the car for a while & also noticed while the above lights are on i can hear the sat-nav DVd which sounds like booting up & then shutting down.

    i guess i will have another flat battery in the morning unless someone knows a way to stop the above.
    I have tried removing the nav dvd disc behind the screen in a hope it would stop the unit from booting up & shutting down all night but the disc won't eject after pressing the eject button.

    The car is under warranty but as we enter the xmas period Audi can't see the car until middle of next week.

    Is this fuse related? is there a fuse i can remove to stop the battery draining?

    please help.

    A4 2007 saloon with dvd nav plus & phone prep.

  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    have you changed any of the codes with ie vagcom? welcome home lighting etc
    is the rns-e satnav a retro fit? could be the loom
  3. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro


    My car does all that, exactly as you describe - but everything shuts off about 20 seconds after removing the ignition key.

    There's two 15amp fuses in the ECU box under the bonnet - rear left - where the top is held down by about 7 torx bits. If you remove all but the back left fixing (which is inaccessible unless you remove the wiper surround) you can open the cover enough to see the fuses. The one in the blue surround is an ignition live which I believe feed's this timed shut off.

    Removing it may stop your battery draining.


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