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A4 B8 Multitronic Gearbox fault - 2225 RPM Signal from ECU: No Signal

pj123 Feb 18, 2014

  1. pj123

    pj123 Member

    Had our new car less than 2 weeks and it has a gearbox fault. Its a B8 A4 58 plate avant 2.0 tdi 143. Car has done 56k

    My wife noticed a couple of times that the engine revs did not seem to match the gear and almost stalling when pulling away.

    Had the car scanned and have 15 occurrences of the following fault (address 02 - Auto Trans)

    2225 - RPM Signal from ECU: No Signal

    Anyone any ideas what causes this. Is it a wheel sensor or a speed sensor inside the gearbox? Or something engine related.

    Fault cleared and going to see how long it takes to repeat. Will go back to the garage where i bought the car but i dont expect them to help. May be still within the Audi 60k warranty but the garage that sold it to us did the last service so not sure if that affects things.

    Any help much appreciated. I cant find much about this fault.
  2. dieselguy

    dieselguy Active Member

    Surely if you only had it for two weeks they are liable to sort this out. Is there a 30 day cooling off period where if a fault occurs or you are not happy with it you can give it back? Multi gear boxes are expensive to fix i hear, so I would try to get them to admit they are responsible for this.

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